Rob Rantz

Program: PhD   Hometown: Sarasota, FL  Previous degrees/Institutions: BS (Mechanical Engineering) – Florida State University Research Interests/Project: Mathematical Modeling / Dynamical Systems / Controls / Robotics / Optimization / Vibration Energy Harvesting  Honors/Awards: Dean’s / President’s List, SMART Scholarship, Academic Competitiveness Grant, Florida Bright Futures Full Tuition Waiver, Senior Design Project Award  Interests outside of research: Some of my current favorites are: grappling, making noise on a guitar, speaking terrible Chinese, weight training  Little Known fact about Rob: I stuck a paperclip in an electrical socket in elementary school; principal wasn’t happy  What can’t you live without: Tiancheng Xue  Favorite place to eat in SLC: Les Madeleines  Favorite activity in SLC or surrounding area: Playing in Park City  I’ve always wanted to: Play music with a jazz ensemble  Favorite Quote: Here’s one: “Don’t take refuge in the false security of consensus” -Christopher Hitchens  Best piece of advice you’ve ever received or given: Live intentionally.