Hamid Basaeri

Program: PhD   

Hometown: Tehran, Iran

Previousdegrees/Institutions: MS (Mechanical Engineering) – University of Tehran Past Employment: Center of Advanced Systems and Technologies (CAST), University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran Research Interests/Project: Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting/ Bio-Implantable Devices/ MEMS Interests outside of research: Mountain Climbing, Swimming, Listening to Music, Watching Movies, Photography, Painting Little Known fact about Hamid: I love being happy and making others happy! What can’t you live without: My whole family Favorite place to eat in SLC: Still new to this town Favorite activity in SLC or surrounding area: Mountain Climbing, Rock Climbing, Camping, and Visiting National Parks Favorite Quote: My father chose my name, and my last name was chosen by my ancestors. That’s enough, I myself choose my way Best piece of advice you’ve ever received or given: Never stop!