Tyrel Rupp

LinkedIn Page Program: PhD   

Hometown: Hyde Park, UT

Previousdegrees/Institutions: BS (Mechanical Engineering) – Utah State University Research Interests/Project: Wireless energy transfer, Sustainable energy solutions Honors/Awards: Utah State University Research Foundation Student Scholar, American Nuclear Society Undergraduate Student Scholarship, Robert and Moonyeen Anderson Scholarship Recipient, USU Dean’s Scholarship Recipient Interests outside of research: Backpacking, Mountain-biking, Snowboarding, Upland Game Hunting, Motorcycles Little Known fact about Tyrel: I restored my first motorcycle at 11 years old What can’t you live without: I can’t live without my family! Favorite place to eat in SLC: Lone Star Taqueria Favorite activity in SLC or surrounding area: Mountain Biking! I’ve always wanted to: Restore a Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser Favorite Quote:  I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”