Binh Duc Truong

Program: PhD

Hometown: Quang Tri, Vietnam

Past Employment: USN Honors/Awards:  Somebody gives me one, please! I have been waiting for ages. Research Interests/Project:  Energy Harvesting, Wireless Power Transfer Interests outside of researchPlaying Soccer, Sleeping Little known fact about Binh: Dishwashing expert What can’t you live without: Coffee first, Everything else second (i.e., many guys respond this question with “my wife”, c’mon, that is so wrong, fundamentally/technically/definitely, she cannot be “what”) Favorite place to eat in SLC: 448 University Village Restaurant Favorite activity in SLC or surrounding area: Wandering around, again, 448 UV I’ve always wanted to:  stop thinking of paying debts for next month Favorite Quote: “After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says W-T-F” – Unknown