Integrated Self-Powered Sensing Lab

We design, analyze, build, and characterize small-scale electromechanical devices and systems. These include energy harvesting power sources that convert energy from vibrations and human motion using piezoelectric and electromagnetic transducers, robotic actuators, transducers for wireless power transfer (magnetic and ultrasonic), and micro-sensors. The connecting theme of our work is the intersection of electromechanical system design and dynamics. In short, we design, analyze, build, and characterize small-scale electromechanical systems.

The ISS Lab is directed by Prof. Shad Roundy and is affiliated with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah.

Publication Spotlight

Magnetoelectric WPT: Sen. & Act. 2023SMS 2022SMS 2020

WPT for Smart Agriculture: WPW 2022IEEE Sensors 2021

Energy Harvesting: PMEMS 2022Phys Rev App 2020App Energy 2018

Inertial Sensing and Healthcare: J. Trans. Medicine 2020

To Prospective Students

If you are currently a student at the University of Utah and are interested in doing research in the ISS Lab, please contact Dr. Roundy.

If you are not currently enrolled at the University of Utah, but are interested in pursuing a graduate degree here, you should apply to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, or the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering as applicable to your background, and indicate in your application that you are interested in working with Dr. Roundy. Your admission, and any funding offer, will be based on your complete application package relative to other students applying to our program.

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